01 Jul 2022


Sarstuff Stand: P10
  • SarSYS CAD
  • SarSYS CAD

CAD is an alternative version of SarSys that can be used specifically by organisations to manage multiple activities in relation to a specific event such as a storm, the effects of extreme weather conditions or a flood. In this instance CAD facilitates the management of multiple activities associated with such an event. For example dealing with fallen trees, accessing flooded areas, implementing road closures, moving people and equipment and the like.

CAD can also be used by organisations managing many daily activities where they have to move special items from one location to another. For example some organisations have to move blood, plasma, donor organs and the like from one location to another, which may involve single or multiple vehicles.

CAD is ideal to help manage, monitor, record and report these activities.

The types of organisations that would typically benefit from using CAD would include Blood Bikes, 4x4 Response, Community Resilience and First Responders to name but a few.

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