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02 Aug 2022

Saviour Medical Saviour Technical Rescue Stretcher

DS Medical & Thermarmour Stand: 5/C233

Key product features:

  • New for 2018 - improved carry handles, new wrist cuffs, triple-lock carabiners on lifting bridle and groin harness
  • Versatile - the stretcher can be carried, dragged, vertically lifted, floats & supports horizontal lifting 
  • All weather/environment rescue - impervious to fluids and sand, with positive buoyancy
  • Easy to maintain - can be cleaned, with removable straps
  • Minimal training requirement - colour coded straps aid application
  • Infection control compliant - washable skin and removable/replaceable straps
  • Provides C-spine (integral headblock) and pelvic fracture management
  • Safe and secure - CE/EEC class 1 rated, 200kg (31 stone) load rated, low friction co-efficient
  • Quick and efficient - X-Ray translucent and CT friendly
  • Unique serial code - ideal for asset management
  • Compact carry bag
  • Load rating - 200kg (stretcher and vertical/horizontal lifts)
  • Fits inside generic basket stretchers
  • CE & EEC Class 1 certified
  • Supports 2 or 4 person lift/carry with six soft lined carry handles

Registered with Competency Authority (UK) - conforms to Article 11(5) Annex VII, Section 3


  • Adjustable lifting harness (sold separately)
  • Drag straps also available (sold separately)
  • The Slix Spinal Splint is fully compatible with this device for full spinal rigidity/immobilisation, if required
  • Dimensions (opened): 200cm x 62.5cm x 1cm (L x W x D)
  • Dimensions: (bagged): 27cm x 70cm x 30cm (L x W x D)
  • Weight: 5kg