20 Jul 2022

Sirens and controls

Haztec International Ltd Stand: F60
  • Sirens and controls
  • Sirens and controls
  • Sirens and controls
Sirens and controls Sirens and controls Sirens and controls

The range includes the 8-82613 Class D siren/PA and 8-7050 speakers, which are just about the smallest but most powerful speakers on the market, delivering a typical output of >120dBA.

The latest 8-9152 lightbar speaker was designed to fit within the 57mm high Xpert SL lightbar without requiring a raised section, which might compromise the lightbar’s low profile, and yet still deliver high power sound output.

ModuLux is a modular dash or DIN slot mounted switching system offering up to 24 multi-function buttons. Users can choose to combine up to four switch modules to form a single unit. Individual modules can be either four large button modules, six button modules, or a TFT LCD screen module, which can be assembled in any combination up to a total of four modules. This latest addition to the range followed quickly on the back of the innovative 8-82316 handheld controller which, with up to 27 advanced functions with multiple LCD screen menus, has been designed to simplify control of all vehicle warning equipment and even external equipment such as motorised searchlights, reducing dashboard clutter.

Another new product being demonstrated will be the backlit QuadTouch switch. With each button press, this discreet switch steps sequentially through various programmable vehicle lighting modes such as lights/siren response and at scene modes, and then back to standby, with the backlighting colour changing to indicate the selected mode. A long button press restores standby at any time without having to go through a full sequence. The switch has a discreet design making it suitable for fitting in a fire officer’s car or undercover police vehicle.

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