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13 Nov 2020

Skylotec Sirius Descender

Abaris International Stand: 5/OS220
  • Skylotec Sirius Descender
  • Skylotec Sirius Descender
Skylotec Sirius Descender Skylotec Sirius Descender
  • 100% metal construction ensures durability and long service life
  • Compact and ergonomic design. The device sits perfectly in your hand
  • Ergonomic handle for controlled descents featuring:
    • Auto-return. The handle locks automatically
    • Anti-panic function helps to reduce the risk of an uncontrolled descent
    • A safety latch that prevents inadvertent handle operation
    • A hole to facilitate remote operation
  • The rope can be loaded without removing the device from the harness
  • Intuitive rope insertion (device markings also helps to install the rope properly)
  • Self-locking side-plate automatically locks when you put the rope under tension
  • Rope route through the device helps to prevent rope twist and kinking and improves durability
  • Push button side plate opening
  • Rope can be pulled through the device without manipulating the handle (during occasional ascent or hauling)
  • Compact size enables parallel descenders descent for rope rescue systems
  • Maximum descent speed of 2 metres per second (2m/s)
  • 250kg rescue capacity