06 Aug 2021

Soft Restraint Belt

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  • Soft Restraint Belt
  • Soft Restraint Belt
  • Soft Restraint Belt
Soft Restraint Belt Soft Restraint Belt Soft Restraint Belt

The SRB is proven to reduce injuries and subsequent litigation and provides the least intrusive option to staff using manual holds. The SRB can be used to negate the need to hold someone in manual restraint and gives the effect of ‘putting handles’ on the body, allowing upper and lower torso control of a violent, injured or passive subject. This allows them to be held, carried and moved with ease, ensuring compliance with Health & Safety Manual Handling Regulations.

Used by numerous professions, its intended purpose is to provide
a protective, temporary restraining device for staff that have the potential to handle, control, restrain, and move challenging or injured individuals in the course of their employment. The SRB is intended to be applied to assist in the removal of a person from the prone face down position as soon as possible.

The capability of moving and transporting individuals as well as the use by police in booking/intake areas, transports to court, for Correctional Emergency Response Teams, Emergency Medical Teams, Paramedics and Hospitals, have made Soft Restraint Belts one of the fastest accepted devices ever developed for professions who manage behaviour that challenges. 

With the Soft Restraint Belt being utilised by numerous professions, it provides tremendous court credibility for those employing its techniques.