06 Aug 2021

Soft Restraint Cuff

Defend Solutions Ltd Stand: C111
  • Soft Restraint Cuff
  • Soft Restraint Cuff
  • Soft Restraint Cuff
Soft Restraint Cuff Soft Restraint Cuff Soft Restraint Cuff

Weighing less than one pound, Soft Restraint Cuffs are manufactured from a tough cloth, wraparound Velcro and reinforced nylon composite buckles with a small amount of ‘give’ to prevent over tightening.

The SRC can be used in conjunction with the Soft Restraint Belt and has been shown to assist in custodial environments with clinical interventions to safely manage the taking of fluids, to aid with NG tube feeds and for scans or x-rays.

The SRC provides a less invasive alternative to prolonged manual holding, especially during procedures and treatments or where a person is frail or has adverse skin, tissue or bone conditions.
Soft-cuffs can be used in conjunction with the Soft Restraint Belt and are used internationally and here at home with multiple case studies and care plans ready to be implemented.

The SRC allows for wrists that do not fit into regular handcuffs to be restrained securely. Too big or too small the SRC fits them all.
The SRC has a ‘secure and lock’ locking method for added security, but purposely does not feature any keys or locks, which aids quick release and promotes our ethos of not leaving subjects unattended once restrained.