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21 Jul 2022

SP Parabag Backpack

SP Services Stand: 5/F208
  • SP Parabag Backpack
  • SP Parabag Backpack
  • SP Parabag Backpack
SP Parabag Backpack SP Parabag Backpack SP Parabag Backpack


  • TPU Coated Polyester is lighter than PVC
  • More durable, better tear resistance and better cold/crack resistance than other bags
  • Wipe clean materials
    Infection control friendly
  • REACH compliant and fully environmentally friendly
  • Fungus resistant and water resistant
  • Hi-Visibility reflective markings
  • Heavy-duty, lockable zips
  • Designed in the UK with the CQC in mind
  • Conforms to ISO 13485
  • Elasticated holding straps
  • Draw string and strap fastenings for cylinder holder
  • Main compartment features optimised for purpose hook & loop (similar to Velcro) strips to attach pouches.
  • Main compartment opens up fully for easy access
  • Clear vinyl badge holder for personalisation / identification.
  • Rubber feet for increased durability
  • Ergonomically designed reinforced backstraps
  • Moulded non-slip rubber handles on top and side
  • 5 Interior colour coded pouches included 
  • Supplied unkitted
  • Dimensions Closed: 59 x 43 x 30cm
  • Dimensions: Main Compartment 58 x 40 x 10cm
  • Dimensions: Front Compartment 43 x 24 x 11cm
  • Dimensions: Cylinder Holder 38 x 13 x 13cm