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01 Aug 2023

StratoStar Tower Light

Nightsearcher Ltd Stand: 5/L186
  • StratoStar Tower Light
  • StratoStar Tower Light
  • StratoStar Tower Light
StratoStar Tower Light StratoStar Tower Light StratoStar Tower Light

This year, we introduce the StratoStar, a rechargeable 115,000 Lumen Tower light reaching a maximum height of 4.5m. Illuminate large areas up to 3850m2, using the powerful multi-directional light-heads with 360-degree adjustable illumination. The rechargeable lithium-ion power pack is extremely durable and has a programmable LCD display to easily choose one of the four light modes and adjust the runtime up to 48 hours. The StratoStar is fully portable enabling fast set-up on scene while delivering powerful light during the most critical moments.

- Rechargeable or AC mains supply 110V-240V
- Fast, safe, one person deployment
- Fully adjustable light heads with front facing or 360 degree lighting
- Adjustable runtime 3-48 hours with 3850m2 beam
- Light modes: High, medium, low and dimmable
- 1540Wh LifePO4 lithium battery
- IP67 rated, robust, high-impact housing
- Programmable battery pack case with extendable handle and wheels that withstand rough terrain
- 4m hand winch tripod with extendable tripod leg for use on uneven ground and an essential built-i n level gauge
- Universal DIN spigot fitting, (30mm DIN 14640) 
- Power bank to charge your phone
- LCD battery status indicators

EST Webinar Pop-Up - Electric Vehicles


Electric Vehicles and the Emergency Services: A Three-Part Problem

📅 Thursday 7 December, 14:00 - 14:45

Delve into the evolving landscape of green fleet solutions for emergency services.

As the push towards sustainable practices gains momentum, join us to examine the complex triad of challenges that needs to be addressed: the array of electric vehicle options, the requisite skill sells for fleet maintenance, and the essential charging infrastructure.