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01 Jul 2022


Sarstuff Stand: 5/R225
  • TeamSITE
  • TeamSITE
  • TeamSITE

Manage members details along with their courses, qualifications, skills, competencies, training and incident attendance records plus much more. In addition to detailed member profiles, TeamSite allows members to go on or off call and has an interactive diary for members to view and mark their attendance at training, fundraising, meetings and other activities. TeamSite also helps the team to manage new recruits, team members plus their vetting and fees, monitor member competencies and training attendance, manage vehicles in terms of details, documents and servicing.

Members can view details of their attendance at training, courses and searches as well as maintain their own training
log. Important dates are tracked via the interactive calendar and the system indicates whether members are meeting
the requirements for maintaining their search licence.
Every member can view each other’s profiles with sensitive information being withheld. TeamSite provides numerous management reports to help manage the members and identify issues for system administrators. Much of this data feeds into the SarSys ecosystem. For example when launching an incident and sending a text message, the TeamSite provides the names and mobile numbers for all on-call members.