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20 Jul 2021

W3 LED Lightbar

Standby RSG UK Ltd Stand: 5/B210
  • W3 LED Lightbar
  • W3 LED Lightbar
W3 LED Lightbar W3 LED Lightbar

Developed by our sister compant Standby AB, it is based on their top selling and extremely popular W Series, with all its benefits and features. The robust, aerodynamic design now has newly developed two-colour interior modules offering a whole host of additional new possibilities.

Here we are featuring a top specification CAN enabled lightbar aimed at the Emergency Services market which includes 6-way blue and white LEDs to the front, 6-way blue and red LEDs to the rear along with 6-way blue corner and 4-way white alley lights, resulting in superb light output through crystal clear polycarbote lenses.

Other available features include stop, brake and position lights, as well as indicators and a direction function. In addition, coloured lenses and amber or green LEDs are available to order.

The W3 is approved according to ECE R65 Class 2 and Class 1. It was developed to cope with the tough Nordic climate and is built with high quality in mind. The lightbar is connected via CAN-Bus or via an optional break-out box.


• Aerodynamic design that provides minimal air resistance and low noise in the compartment
• Built with high intensity light diodes
• Side alley light is standard
• Front/rear work lights are available as an option
• Features such as position lights, indicators and traffic indicators
• Day/night location and cruise-light
• Easy to service
• Developed and manufactured in Sweden
• 4 year warranty

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