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X36 Rapid Shelter

JDR Products Stand: 5/N160
  • X36 Rapid Shelter
  • X36 Rapid Shelter
  • X36 Rapid Shelter
X36 Rapid Shelter X36 Rapid Shelter X36 Rapid Shelter

The X36 Rapid Shelter for triage, patient handling, command and control, personnel assembly and accomodation require minimal personnel to establish quite literally in seconds. Any necessary power, IT, furniture and other equipment can easily be added into the shelters once deployed. Focusing on rapid deployment, build quality and usability, RapidGB is confident its range of products will work smoothly with your service’s existing resilience infrastructure.

  • Designed specifically to enable rapid responders to erect command centres within minutes.
  • Lightweight geodesic framework manufactured from high strength powder coated aircraft alloy.
  • Flame retardant, UV stabilised, and chemical resistant fabric canopy protects from the outside environment.
  • Two 150mm external ports at opposing ends providing the capability to run cabling into the shelter.
  • Includes groundsheet, spares and repair kit, ground anchor tethers, and fast deployment storage/transport bag as standard.
Length 4.43m
Width 3.72m
Height 2.7m


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