• Voice Technologies makes speech work for you. We successfully deploy speech recognition technology in law firms, hospitals and surgeries where significant benefits are being seen.
  • Digital dictation technology is applicable to any size or type of organisation that needs to transform author-dictated files into formalised typed correspondence
  • Martyn Ross and Marc McCall discuss the benefits of introducing digital dictation to your organisation.
  • Colin Wood and Daryl Green discuss the benefits of introducing speech recognition to your organisation.
  • Sick of unexpected charges? 🤯 Say hello to knowing exactly what you're paying for with our fixed-cost 4G bodycam bundle.
  • NPAS Husbands Bosworth

    14 Jun 2022 Sam Jewers
    Osprey sliding folding door for Police Air Support Hangar
  • Trust Jacket

    07 Jun 2022 Simon Shepherd
    The MLA Trust Jacket is the future for protecting the public order officer.  It replaces the need for cumbersome and uncomfortable pieces of limb protection as the Jacket is quicker to don and safer a ...
  • Audax cameras for EMS

    04 Jun 2022 Adam Liardet
    Audax cameras for EMS
  • Audax for Parking Enforcement

    04 Jun 2022 Adam Liardet
    Audax for Parking Enforcement
  • Why you should have an Audax Camera

    04 Jun 2022 Adam Liardet
    Why You should have an Auda camera
  • Audax Cameras used by French Police

    04 Jun 2022 Adam Liardet
    Audax 20-1 camera in use by French Police on TV News 

    30 Jun 2022 PTSD999
  • See, Check and Notify (SCaN) aims to help businesses and organisations maximise safety and security using their existing resources. Protect your organisation from a range of threats with SCaN training
  • Project Servator explained

    14 Jun 2021 CPNI
    An animation that explains what the policing tactic Project Servator is and the vital role the public can play in acting as extra eyes and ears, and reporting any suspicious activity.
  • POWER BRAVA stretcher Control, comfort and safety Top-of-the-range high-autonomy electric stretchers equipped with a number of features for handling with ease.
  • Corporate Video

  • RFID Smart Vehicle & Ready to Go App

    20 May 2022 Danielle Watts
    Revolutionise the way you track and trace critical everyday emergency equipment by using RFID technology and the innovative  Ready to Go mobile application
  • NOSA microbial control

    19 May 2022 NOSA
    NOSA microbial control is designed to reduce the exposure of viruses and bacteria by inhalation through the nose. The product is easy to breathe through, discreet and comfortable to wear.
  • NOSA plugs

    19 May 2022 NOSA
    Construction workers have earplugs, and firefighters have respirators and protective clothing. Now there is real protection on the market to counter unpleasant odors and create better working conditio ...
  • air sterilisation

    12 May 2022 Laser Red
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