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  • NEBO Brand Feature

    Alliance Consumer Group International
  • TORCHY 2K - Rechargeable 2,000 Lumen EDC Light

    Alliance Consumer Group International
  • Rechargeable, waterproof (IP67) and extremely versatile, the SLYDE KING 2K features a 2,000 lumen flashlight with 4x zoom, and a 500 lumen C•O•B work light. Each light mode is dimmable with programmab ...
  • Rechargeable, waterproof (IP67) and extremely powerful, the 12K outputs 12,000 lumens with our Optimized C•O•B Technology. The 5 impressive light modes are seamlessly transitioned through Smart Power ...
  • The LUXTREME by NEBO is 500 lumens, USB-C rechargeable, and features the most advanced optics ever built into a NEBO flashlight. In high mode, the LUXTREME blasts light up to 900 meters or 2,952 feet ...
  • The NEBO® Mycro Headlamp & Cap Light is a rechargeable, hands-free, 400 lumen lighting solution. The integrated tilt feature allows you to position the beam exactly where you want it. Mycro Headlamp f ...
  • INSPECTOR 500+ Rechargeable 500 Lumen Handheld Flashlight

    Alliance Consumer Group International
    The INSPECTOR 500+ is a powerful 500 lumen, rechargeable, waterproof (IPX7) penlight and expandable area light. The INSPECTOR 500+ is equipped with a powerful magnetic base, steel clip, 4 light modes ...

    Alliance Consumer Group International
    Our Einstein line of compact, lightweight cap lights and headlamps offer adjustable portable lighting so you can keep your hands free to create, fix and do.

    Alliance Consumer Group International
    Our Columbo line of slender, powerful pen lights have convenient pocket clips so you can inspect and sleuth anywhere you go.
  • NEBO DAVINCI range

    Alliance Consumer Group International
    Our DaVinci line of rechargeable flashlights offers intense, precise, adjustable lighting using a proprietary Mode Selector Dial and a sleek design.
  • Livex

    22 Feb 2021 Army Medical Services
  • Audax CMS & Dems

    27 Sep 2020 AJL
    Audax Software provided alongside our hardware with No annual licence fees. Providing situational awarness, live video and asset tracking and enabling faster decsion making.  
  • Audax Bio-AX Camera System

    27 Sep 2020 AJL
    The Audax “flagship” of our camera range. The Award winning BIO-AX®.  Bio-AX® is a body camera for local record and capture of evidence and/or stream Live video by 4G or wifi.
  • The easily recognisable 20-1 Camera packs a unique technology specification into a robust form factor, easily out performing other products in its class. Built in GPS& Wi-Fi for live streaming. 

    23 Jul 2021 Bauer Kompressoren
  • PROFI-LINE compressors

    23 Jul 2021 Bauer Kompressoren
  • B-VIRUS FREE protective filter

    23 Jul 2021 Bauer Kompressoren
  • BlackRainbow NIMBUS Overview

    21 Jul 2021 Nikki Moscrop
    NIMBUS is a Case, Quality & Investigations Management System specifically designed for all forensic science, investigation and intelligence divisions. 
  • Balbar Ballistic Barrier

    21 Aug 2020 Bowenite
    The BALBAR Ballistic Barrier is a unique highly mobile solution that guarantees multi-level effective protection against a variety of risk scenarios.
  • Probar

    08 Mar 2021 Bowenite
    The Protective Barrier PROBAR® Is a safety system designed and developed to specifically prevent unwanted intentional or accidental vehicle access into protected and defined secure areas and spaces.
  • British Firefighter Challenge

    28 Jul 2019 Cheers Mate Productions
    Day 1 and Day 2 from Watford 2019....enjoy
  • Caburn Telecom - Global IoT Services

    25 Jul 2021 Caburn Solutions
    A Description of our Generic Global IoT Telecom Services.
  • Calibration Engineering Services

    23 Jul 2021 Darren Gritten