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07 Feb 2024

Case Study: Avon & Somerset Police with Amped Replay

Amped Software Stand: 4/G83

Watch our latest video case study from Avon & Somerset Police.

This case study highlights how the Avon & Somerset Police integrated Amped Replay into their workflow, a game-changer for frontline officers dealing with video evidence.

With the implementation of Amped Replay, officers can quickly view and accurately analyze video footage directly from the field. This tool simplifies complex tasks such as playback, basic enhancement, and annotation of videos captured from various sources.

The case study revealed that officers faced challenges managing different video formats before using Amped Replay and often required technical assistance from specialized units. The delay in accessing crucial video evidence could impede investigations. However, officers can now easily handle these challenges by incorporating Amped Replay into their toolkit.

This independence saves precious time and also allows for faster decision-making during critical moments of an investigation. As a result, Avon & Somerset Police has reported increased efficiency and improved effectiveness in solving cases.

Read the full case study.

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