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03 Sep 2022

CitizenAid Tournikey - a lifesaving low cost turniquet

ProTrainings Europe Ltd Stand: F147

This is the citizenAID Tourni-Key. Now, it is a very easy-to-use tourniquet that anyone who carries, rather than have a big commercial tourniquet, this is a much simpler easier system to use and it is low price. And it is been produced by citizenAID who are a charity specialising in trauma care and also making people ready for any potential accidents that could happen or terrorist attacks. The pack itself, it is all sealed. On the back, you have got the actual contents of the kit itself. To open it, there are two little nicks on the side, they should just tear that off and then you can take all the contents out. And inside the kit itself is the Tourni-Key, which is this piece of plastic. And what this is used to do is to hook around the bandage as you put it on and you can apply the pressure on. There is also a card which goes underneath, between the skin and the bandage just to avoid pinching the skin as you are applying the Tourni-Key. Instructions on how to actually apply the Tourni-Key. So it is quite simple to use, you can literally just open those up and it is a very simple one, two, three, four-way of actually applying a Tourni-Key, so you know exactly what you're doing. If you have never used one of these before, it's not difficult, you can just follow the instructions nice and easily on the side there. The final part is the triangular bandage, which is the material type of triangular bandage. So what you are doing with this is just undoing it and this is the actual item that will produce the occlusion of the blood. What you can start with is just roll it up, there is a nice broad white weave on there because we do not want to have it too tight. The idea is this is broad across the body. Apply it around the injury site. And easily just tie the knot in it. And then we need to lay the Tourni-Key over the top, so you just tie that round with a knot over the top. And then you are just winding that around to actually tighten up the pressure and when you got just the right part, you can just hook the plastic back on itself and that will hold it in place. Just make sure then it is all tight and you can also just tie these ends around if you need to as well to keep them tidy. Make sure you have written the time on it and then never take this Tourni-Key off until you get to emergency services. So you would put these on but you would never take it off. If you do find blood coming through, you need to tighten it up again, you can do another 180-degree turn and hook it back in place on the other side and that would apply more pressure and stop the bleed. For more information on ProTrainings courses see or for equipment visit You can call us on 01206 805359 or email

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