16 Jun 2021


Ortus Stand: J65

Over 20 years ago, corpuls brought the 12-lead ECG to the emergency services for the first time and it has been the gold standard in ECG diagnostics ever since. Until now. In 2020 corpuls revolutionised the ECG again: With the ECGmax you not only get the usual 12, but 22 leads and thus a much more comprehensive picture of the heart muscle including the posterior wall and the right side. The current European Society of Cardiology guidelines recommend that these be examined if possible. No additional effort is required and no electrodes have to be attached or positioned. Broadened diagnostics with 22 leads Posterior leads V7–V9 Right cardiac leads V3r–V6r Orthogonal leads X, Y, Z and Vectorloops Only 10 electrodes, extremities and chest leads

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