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Expert Thick Tough Metal Reciprocating Saw Blades

Bosch UK Stand: 5/J183

Plumbers, renovators and demolition workers alike know that this is a tough task which, even with a powerful recip saw, requires sweat and muscle.


The Expert ‘Thick Tough Metal’ not only cuts thick metal, it offers exceptional lifespan in the toughest of applications. Extreme durability is built into the blade with Extra Coated Bosch Carbide Technology. Extra coating makes Carbide even tougher. Teeth coated with unique Bosch formula to last even longer than normal extremely tough Carbide blades - perfect for straight cuts and endurance.


Professionals who haven’t used a Bosch carbide blade before will be astonished at what the Bosch Expert ‘Thick Tough Metal’ Reciprocating Saw Blade can withstand. With the Bosch Expert ‘Thick Tough Metal’ Reciprocating Saw Blade, you might just start to enjoy cutting thick steel and cast iron. Fits all S-shank reciprocating saws sometimes called sabre saws or demolition saws.

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