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27 Mar 2020

GSA 18V-32 Vibration Control: Work longer with minimum fatigue.

Bosch UK Stand: S60

Bosch GSA 18V-32 Professional Cordless Brushless Sabre Saw, comfortable handling in the 18v class. The Brushless EC motor, when paired with an 18V Bosch Lithium-Ion Technology battery, delivers corded power with cordless freedom, longer motor life, more runtime and more power. Accelerator function for an easy first cut, continuously adjustable up to the maximum stroke speed. Unique ergonomic handle shape, soft-grip and extra long switch enables better handling for difficult overhead work or in tight spaces. Unique SDS system enables easy and safer saw blade changes even when wearing protective gloves. LED worklight illunminates the work area with bright LED light for low light situations.

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