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Infinity SP2 Stealth Plate

Redtronic Stand: 5/F170

The Infinity SP2 Stealth Plate is the world’s slimmest, flexible, innovative hybrid number plate and directional LED available in the market. The Infinity SP2 is designed to allow for additional light to emit from the front of a vehicle, particularly useful when approaching / exiting a junction. It is available in single and tri-colour options to meet the needs of all applications from emergency services and covert vehicles to amber safety and commercial vehicles. The Infinity SP2 Stealth Plate is an all-in-one solution consisting of two vertical directional LED’s with the option to include 2 additional horizontal front facing directional LED’s mounted on top. This product boasts major industry requirements such as IP69K for the toughest environments, EMC R10, ECE R65 approvals and comes as standard with 7 flash patterns. The Infinity SP2 is manufactured in the UK and is endorsed 2-year warranty.

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