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Lyon Adjustable Stretcher Wheel

Lyon Equipment Ltd Stand: 5/F172

A combination of aluminium alloy and stainless steel gives a strong but lightweight construction. Adjustments in the width mean that most stretchers should securely fit to the frame. Simple cam lock straps give versatile robust attachments to solid locations on the stretcher. This is ideal if you have multiple stretchers in your team or if you sometimes work with other teams’ stretchers, the wheel set will still fit. The use of a mountain bike wheel means that consumable parts are easy to replace and compatible with standard puncture repair kits and bike pumps. Big diameter wheel and tire are the perfect compromise between ability to roll over lumps and bumps and the stability of the stretcher.

  • Lightweight, functional design
  • Collapses right down into component parts for easy stowage and transport
  • Compatible with most stretchers and stretcher types
  • Tool free assembly and adjustment
  • Corrosion resistant materials used throughout
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