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07 Jul 2023

The NIMBUS Platform

Black Rainbow Consulting Stand: 4/F40

At Black Rainbow we have always had one mission: “ reduce the investigation lifecycle through intelligence, efficiency and integrity”. BlackRainbow are pleased to introduce the NIMBUS Platform, a comprehensive solution that revolutionises investigations and risk mitigation. With its powerful Intelligence, Investigation, Management & Orchestration Core, Portal, and Fusion Centre, the platform covers all aspects of your investigative needs. Location is no longer a barrier, as the NIMBUS Platform delivers precise information to the right individuals, regardless of their geographical location. It ensures timely access to critical data, enabling effective decision-making and problem-solving. One of the key strengths of the NIMBUS Platform lies in its collaborative nature. It is designed and shaped by the very community it serves, fostering a collective effort to enhance its capabilities. By leveraging the expertise and insights of users, the platform continuously evolves to meet evolving investigative and risk mitigation requirements. We invite you to explore the NIMBUS Platform and discover how it can empower you to excel in your investigative endeavours. Let us unlock the full potential of collaboration and innovation to achieve outstanding results together.

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