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Redtronic Bullitt Advanced Lightbar

Redtronic Ltd Stand: P70

The Bullitt Advanced Lightbar is an industry first innovative warning product that is the sleekest dynamic shape design seen on any lightbar in the market that maximises resistance to wind drag that results in minimal impact on fuel consumption. Combined with our optional multi-colour LED module offering 10 colour options under one light head sits the Bullitt Advanced on top as one of the most innovative, feature packed lightbars in the market. The Bullitt Advanced is designed beautifully to allow maximum configurability with its easy daisy chain plug and play system with an intelligent control board at the heart that provides almost an unlimited amount of functionality to be programmed by the user without the need of a computer, by utilising series of wires or our optional purchased programming kit for easier programming that opens up the many possibilities desired through the 9 available inputs on top of 4 pre-set functions already available. The Bullitt Advanced maintains the lead coming standard with dust and water ingress rated at IP69K, R65 Class II & R65 Monitor output. Whilst maintaining all the desired functions needed such as Work/Take-down/Alley Lights the Bullitt Advanced also comes with an in-built traffic director available on either front, rear or both sides of the Lightbar selectable through programming the lightbar manually is outlined, to top even more feature show off, the traffic director length can be selected through its programming functionality. The Bullitt Advanced comes with the unique function 'Flexi-Flash', which allows the user to set a single LED module (or multiple modules) programmed to this input function, in any desired format, giving the user total flexibility. There are 3x Flexi-Flash functions available on 3 separate wires to offer even more comprehensive control of the Lightbar. The Bullitt Advanced is suitable for both the Emergency & Amber Safety markets, featuring Ultra-strong UV stabilised polycarbonate outer lenses that sit on a durable aluminium base to protect the lightbar from large impact or debris and featuring our premium Ultra-bright latest generation LED's behind our premium Wide-angle FX Optics and many coloured LED Modules and lens options available the Bullitt Advanced proves its position as the most adaptable lightbar across the globe. The Bullitt Advanced Lightbar comes with multiple options of length, mount and wiring connections to make installation across any vehicle type possible. Here are Redtronic we are extremely confident and proud at the performance, design and quality of the Bullitt Advanced that we have endorsed it with a 5 Year Warranty.

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