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21 May 2021

Redtronic Spartan Lightbar

Redtronic Stand: 5/F170

The Spartan Lightbar is a powerful warning device suitable for both the Emergency & Amber Safety markets offering a wide range of customisation to meet the needs of our customers from recovery services all the way to high speed pursuit police vehicles. The Spartan offers a comprehensive list of features available to customize the lightbar to satisfy many different requirements across the globe that include Stop Tail Turns, Work/Take-down/Alley Lights, Central illumination with signage available to distinguish your lightbar, built in traffic director and even built in speaker/siren option. The Spartan is designed for tough environments and features 4mm Ultra-strong UV stabilised polycarbonate outer lenses that sit on a durable aluminium base that help protect the lightbar from large impact debris for when the job gets tough. The Spartan also offers a variety of LED Module colours featuring all the standard single and dual colour options available using Ultra-bright latest generation LED's behind our popular Wide-angle FX Optics along with optional coloured outer lenses for when presence is key or remain clear for when a covert approach is required. The Spartan Lightbar comes with multiple options of length, mount and wiring connections to make installation across any vehicle type possible. Here at Redtronic we are confident and proud at the performance and quality of the Spartan lightbar that we have endorsed it with a 5 Year Warranty.

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