12 Mar 2019

Visualising location-based intelligence with Symphony AR

Aligned Assets Ltd Stand: B37

With the Symphony AR app, Emergency Services can overlay risk or sociodemographic information over their AddressBase data using the UPRN, and augmented reality can be used to give a visual representation of this. The types of information that can be visually represented are extensive from risk information associated to a particular property, such as the storage of chemicals or dangerous dogs, to displaying the location of vulnerable residents in a residential block.  

Using Aligned Assets’ Symphony Location Manager, Emergency Services can load and configure the data they want to be shown in augmented reality themselves. By doing this they can display their own spatial data in AR without the need of specialist software developers, and by configuring a link to LLPG or AddressBase, that data can then be formatted for display as AR markers.  

The app can also be used to track staff at an emergency situation so the locations of all crew members are clearly visible. With the capability of reading height, the app will show crew members in relation their position within a multi-floored building. This information can be recorded and used at post-emergency de-briefs.

The Symphony AR app can help Emergency Services to quickly assess an emergency situation prior to, during and after the event, helping to better safeguard staff and the public.


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