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  • Galaxy Pro-6K

    NightSearcher Ltd
    6000 Lumen Powerful Robust Portable Rechargeable LED Floodlight
  • Magnum Flashlights Range

    NightSearcher Ltd
    NightSearcher's Most Powerful Flashlights Range
  • ProStar and ProStar Lite

    NightSearcher Ltd
    10,000 Lumen Rechargeable Searchligh and Floodlight
  • HawkStar and HawkStar-X

    NightSearcher Ltd
    4200 Lumen Vehicle Mountable Rechargeable Searchlight and Floodlight
  • Solaris Pro and Pro-X

    NightSearcher Ltd
    16,000 Lumen Rechargeable Lighting System
  • Meet Valiant Structural Suit

    11 Aug 2021 FlamePro
    You might not realise it but you’ve always had to compromise on either comfort or protection when selecting your kit. Now you don’t have to.
  • NEBO DAVINCI range

    Alliance Consumer Group International
    Our DaVinci line of rechargeable flashlights offers intense, precise, adjustable lighting using a proprietary Mode Selector Dial and a sleek design.

    Alliance Consumer Group International
    Our Columbo line of slender, powerful pen lights have convenient pocket clips so you can inspect and sleuth anywhere you go.

    Alliance Consumer Group International
    Our Einstein line of compact, lightweight cap lights and headlamps offer adjustable portable lighting so you can keep your hands free to create, fix and do.
  • INSPECTOR 500+ Rechargeable 500 Lumen Handheld Flashlight

    Alliance Consumer Group International
    The INSPECTOR 500+ is a powerful 500 lumen, rechargeable, waterproof (IPX7) penlight and expandable area light. The INSPECTOR 500+ is equipped with a powerful magnetic base, steel clip, 4 light modes ...
  • The NEBO® Mycro Headlamp & Cap Light is a rechargeable, hands-free, 400 lumen lighting solution. The integrated tilt feature allows you to position the beam exactly where you want it. Mycro Headlamp f ...
  • The LUXTREME by NEBO is 500 lumens, USB-C rechargeable, and features the most advanced optics ever built into a NEBO flashlight. In high mode, the LUXTREME blasts light up to 900 meters or 2,952 feet ...
  • Rechargeable, waterproof (IP67) and extremely powerful, the 12K outputs 12,000 lumens with our Optimized C•O•B Technology. The 5 impressive light modes are seamlessly transitioned through Smart Power ...
  • Rechargeable, waterproof (IP67) and extremely versatile, the SLYDE KING 2K features a 2,000 lumen flashlight with 4x zoom, and a 500 lumen C•O•B work light. Each light mode is dimmable with programmab ...
  • TORCHY 2K - Rechargeable 2,000 Lumen EDC Light

    Alliance Consumer Group International
  • NEBO Brand Feature

    Alliance Consumer Group International
  • GoodSAM in London Ambulance Service

    29 Jul 2021 Mark Wilson
    GoodSAM is used by many ambulance and air ambulance services. In this short video Jason Moris provides an overview. 
  • GoodSAM in San Antonio Fire Service

    29 Jul 2021 Mark Wilson
    GoodSAM is used by many fire and ambulance services around the world. In this short video, San Antonio Fire Department demonstrate how they use it. 
  • GoodSAM in West Yorkshire Police

    29 Jul 2021 Mark Wilson
    GoodSAM is used by many police forces inclduign West Yorkshire. In this short video Superintendent Chris Bowen gives some examples of its use.
  • Wondering how our end-to-end disposal process works from start to finish? We'd love to show you!