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CorMed-DX Ltd is delighted to be attending this year's ESS, showcasing CellAED®, the world's first personal AED, weighing just 300g, and a compact design. The unique CellAED® Snap Peel Stick™ design allows the AED to be applied in seconds. CorMed-DX has also partnered with dynamic, one of the UK’s leading e-learning design companies. dynamic. creates and delivers high-impact online learning.


CorMed-DX Ltd
Aizlewood's Mill
Nursery Street
South Yorkshire
S8 8GG
United Kingdom


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  • Wall Mount designed for your CellAED®

    04 May 2023
  • CellAED®

    04 May 2023
    CellAED®️ is the world-first handheld, smart, personal AED.

    04 May 2023 Rapid Response Revival
    Snap Peel Stick® to apply in seconds
  • CellAED Instructional Video

    26 Apr 2023 Rapid Response Revival
    CellAED®️ is the world-first handheld, smart, personal AED. Not only is the device easy to use and carry, it’s also more affordable. SNAP PEEL STICK™ to apply in seconds.   
  • CorMed-DX Full Brochure

    21 May 2024 CorMed-DX
    CellAED® - time is everything Be prepared and confident to act quickly to save a life.  CellAED® can be applied in seconds.  As one of the UK's leading elearning design companies, dynamic creates and ...
  • dynamic. for Emergency Services

    04 May 2023 dynamic business services
    dynamic. have extensive experience of creating comprehensive materials to support those working in health sectors, including: Medical training, IPC and COVID, waste management, mental wellbeing, vehic ...
  • CellAED TRAINER brochure

    04 May 2023 Rapid Response Revival
    LEARN. PRACTISE. REPEAT.  Build confidence in using your CellAED®  The first few minutes of a sudden cardiac arrest are critical. Knowing how to use your CellAED confidently and acting quickly could b ...
  • CellAED For Life Membership Brochure

    04 May 2023 Rapid Response Revival
    Being a CellAED for lifeTM member is designed to give you peace of mind, so that you and your CellAED® will always be ready if called into action and it also helps to provide answers after such an eve ...
  • CellAED® brochure and techinical specs document

    04 May 2023 Rapid Response Revival
    CellAED® is designed to save lives from sudden cardiac arrest. An arrest can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Be prepared and confident to act quickly to save a life. CellAED® can be applied i ...
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