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Delta Fire

UK Manufacturer, Delta Fire, is one of the biggest suppliers of fire fighting products providing cutting-edge equipment to fire and rescue services around the world. Best known for its world-class range of fire nozzles, Delta also manufactures portable and fixed foam equipment and supplies a wide range of products including fire hose, fire monitors, PPV fans, high rise products and waterway equipment.


12-13A Wendover Road
Rackheath Business Estate
NR13 6LH
United Kingdom
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  • This unique product is designed to produce a 3D coverage of water or foam for rapid extinguishing. Available in two sizes the larger version can be suspended from an ALP whereas the smaller version can be used for car and skip fires

  • Introducing the UK's premier high pressure hose reel nozzle - the Delta Attack 100 Pro

  • The Delta Attack 500 Pro is the culmination of tried and trusted British engineering combined with the very latest in technological advanced design.

  • The Delta Attack CAFS Nozzles is designed for use with compressed air foam and is supplied as standard with a detachable silencer. Optional jet/spray front end and a 0.5m, 1.0m or 1.3m CAFS lances are available on request.

  • The Delta H500 ST combines automatic slide valve performance with ergonomic design and high quality British manufacturing to provide an effective high pressure hose reel nozzle ideally suited to gas cooling.

  • The H500 Mid-Range is the mainline version of the H500 ST nozzle and is designed for use with low pressure layflat hose lines.

  • The Delta DM600 is the highest flow nozzle in the Automatic range providing controlled performance when large volumes of water are required

  • The Delta Smooth Bore is a truly versatile nozzle capable of easily converting to a range of solid jet sizes thanks to the interchangable tips. An optional jet/spray front end is available on request.

  • Designed specifically for use when fighting wildfires the Delta Wildfire Attack Pro is ideally suited to scenarios where water is a premium.

  • The Delta Fog Spike System is now widely used by UK Fire & Rescue Services and is designed to rapidly reduce compartment temperatures pre-entry.

  • The Delta Floor Below Nozzle is a unique product designed to combat wind-driven fires from the floor below the compartment on fire. 

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  • Delta Attack 100 Pro Fire Nozzle

    19 Feb 2019 Simon Lister

    Introducing the Delta Attack 100 Pro - the UK's premier high pressure hose reel nozzle - As used by the UK's largest Fire & Rescue Services.

  • Delta Attack 500 Pro Fire Nozzle

    19 Feb 2019 Simon Lister

    Introducing the Delta Attack 500 Pro Fire Nozzle - Designed for low pressure mainline use on layflat fire hoses.

  • Delta Nova Type 3 Layflat Fire Hose

    19 Feb 2019 Simon Lister

    Nova Ultraflex is a premium quality 'kink-resistant' layflat Type 3 fire hose designed for professional fire service applications

  • Delta Portable Ground Monitors

    19 Feb 2019 Simon Lister

    The Delta range of Portable Ground Monitors are widely used by Fire & Rescue Services around the world.

  • Delta Portable Foam Equipment

    19 Feb 2019 Simon Lister

    Designed to exacting standards, the Delta range of portable foam equipment has an enviable reputation on the world stage

  • Fomtec Foam Concentrates

    19 Feb 2019 Simon Lister

    Premium Quality Foam Concentrates from one of the premier manufacturers in the world - Fomtec Sweden.

  • Waterway Equipment

    19 Feb 2019 Simon Lister

    Your single-source supplier of professional waterway equipment

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