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Emergency Locate

Stand: Hall 4 / TL5, Tech Launchpad
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  • The Emergency Tech Show
  • Command and Control Solutions
  • Mapping & Navigation (GIS)
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EmergencyLocate supports emergency, search and rescue control functions to rapidly and accurately identify the location of where help is required using innovate and efficient solutions that work alongside your existing processes and systems.


International House
38 Thistle Street
United Kingdom


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  • Easily and quickly locate smart devices to just a couple of meters with our guided process that doesn't even need your caller to be able to speak!  
  • SAR Deploy is our responder navigation tool, helping to provide nav all the way to the exact location, with no coordinates or address to input we can speed up deployment and remove the risk of a mista ...
  • SMS LAD puts the power of EmergencyLocate in the palm of your hand and makes our solutions accessible in the field or in a BC situation where internet connectivity is lost.
  • SAR Deploy is our responder mapping and navigation tool; helping responders arrive at the exact location they are needed with just two taps!
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