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  • Emergency Planning Services
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West Yorkshire
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  • Most airlines now include a warning about the dangers of lithium battery fires in their pre-flight safety briefing. Passengers bring hundreds of devices powered by the batteries onto every flight and ...
  • BlastSax are pioneering military grade sandless sandbags which have undergone extensive trials with the British armed forces and can save lives by mitigating explosions from IEDs while helping to pres ...
  • FloodSax alternative sandbags are space-saving to store and easy to carry and deploy. All these 20 FloodSax came from this one box that can be easily carried by one person. The same number of traditio ...
  • This slow motion video shows how effective BlastSax sandless sandbags are at mitigating a blast caused by a simulated improvised explosive device. The gelling polymer inside a FloodSax can even captur ...
  • This video shows how the military grade material on an AvSax can contain a personal electronic device that overheats and explodes. This is absolutely vital in the confined space of an aircraft.
  • This video shows just how quick and easy it is to immerse FloodSax alternative sandbags in water to transform them into tough, instant sandbags ... but without the sand.
  • Controversial plans to allow e-scooters on Britain’s roads may spark a rise in house fires caused by lithium batteries catching fire or even exploding, experts have warned. Authorities are deeply conc ...
  • Transporting Lithium batteries can be fraught with danger … yet aircraft can be one of the safest places to be if the airline company is geared up to deal with the problem. In recent times we have see ...
  • One of the UK’s most prominent Green Party politicians is using a biodegradable alternative sandbag to protect homes and businesses in the area he represents. Huddersfield-based Clr Andrew Cooper has ...
  • Pioneering sandless sandbags have been used by bomb disposal experts defusing two massive World War Two bombs. Around 500 BlastSax were deployed by Hong Kong Police in the delicate operations on a con ...
  • Pioneering sandless sandbags are featured in a special showcase hosted by the British Army which captures the imagination of armed forces worldwide.  A huge hangar at the British Army base at Larkhill ...
  • Flooding is an absolute nightmare in every sense of the word and is one of the most traumatic experiences anyone can suffer. Yet it can so often be avoided. Here are 10 reasons why everyone must prote ...
  • Flash flooding could close several London Undergound stations with this summer’s heatwaves potentially coming to very damaging ends. The warning has been put out by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, ju ...
  • This flyer shows the flexible and multi-purpose ways FloodSax can be used to protect homes and businesses from floods both inside and out
  • This leaflet shows just how easy it is to deploy FloodSax alternative sandbags to keep floodwater out of homes and businesses
  • This brochure shows how FloodSax can save businesses a fortune by keeping floodwater out
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