Stand: E10
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  • Emergency Telephones
  • APLS – Automatic Personnel Location Systems
  • Call Handling Centres
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Remote Site Monitoring
  • Contingency Planning
  • Emergency Planning
  • 3D Mapping Software
  • Camera Control Systems
  • CCTV Systems
  • Command & Control Equipment
  • Geospatial Intelligence
  • IT Software
  • Maps & Mapping
  • Security Software
  • Cloud Managed Services
  • Mobile Apps
  • Alarms
  • Crowd Control
  • Other, please specify

Hexagon, a global leader in sensor, software and autonomous solutions, puts data to work to boost efficiency, productivity, and quality across its safety and mobility applications. The company's technologies are shaping urban and production ecosystems to become increasingly connected and autonomous, ensuring a scalable, sustainable future. Hexagon’s pedigree has established it as a company uniquely capable of empowering an autonomous future.


100 Delta Business Park
United Kingdom


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  • With HxGN Connect, there is now an easy way for multiple public and private organizations to share and visualize intel while jointly discussing operations throughout events.
  • Cut through the Chaos - HxGN OnCall

    27 Aug 2021 Karl Price
    No matter what the next call brings, HxGN OnCall helps you cut through the chaos and provide a faster, better response.
  • Are you ready to go beyond sharing data to actively collaborating across organizations, cities, and even regions?
  • Watch as Smart Advisor connects the dots to provide real-time information about a crime spree, including the locations of specific incidents.
  • Connections are important. Not only do they provide a critical emotional link between people, but they also bridge gaps in technology and infrastructure. In the world of public safety, making a connec ...
  • Assistive AI for Public Safety. Help your agency see the unseen
  • HxGN Connect Product Sheet

    27 Aug 2021 Karl Price
    A new cloud-based collaboration workspace where organizations, cities, and regions can easily share and act on their data in a secure environment.
  • Smart Cities Collaboration

    27 Aug 2021 Karl Price
    The future of smart cities is collaborative, rooted in connected data communities.
  • Is the Cloud in your Future?

    27 Aug 2021 Karl Price
    The future is in YOUR HANDS Let us be your guide
  • Because technology plays such a fundamental role in our lives, it’s no wonder the public safety industry is exploring ways it can harness digital solutions to enhance operations, increase security, an ...
  • HxGN OnCall Dispatch Product Sheet

    27 Aug 2021 Karl Price
    Dispatchers are the first line of contact during an emergency. To help save lives and improve outcomes, they need cutting-edge tools that let them quickly understand the situation and take action.
  • How leveraging data can help you achieve operational excellence
  • HxGN OnCall E-Book

    27 Aug 2021 Karl Price
    HxGN OnCall - The Foundation for Safer Cities
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