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IC Brindle & Co Ltd

Stand: Hall 5 / E170
  • The Emergency Services Show
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  • Medical equipment
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IC Brindle has been supplying and manufacturing high quality specialist inflatable safety equipment for over 25 years, with many emergency services, government, military, medical and search and rescue teams using its products, due to the exceptional build quality, durability and price. The company offers you an unparalleled service, tailoring each product to ensure it's ideal for the environment it's intended for!


Unit 4, The Glenmore Centre
Fancy Road
BH12 4FB
United Kingdom

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  • Water Mist Lance & Penetration Hammer are designed to meet the requirements in SOLAS regulations II-2/10.7.3 for extinguishing fires inside confined spaces, such as fires in containers
  • The Aerosol Salt Potassium Unit is a lightweight, handheld device for the first responder in a fire situation, primarily for Class A, B, and C fires. Suitable for the control of Electric Vehicle Fires ...
  • The Fire Isolator blanket is designed to tackle the increasing danger of electric vehicle fires (EV) in areas such as car parks, parking lots, ferries and ocean going vessels.
  • A fine-mesh forensic bag for securing the hands whilst also retaining vital forensic evidence. Supplied in packs of 5 pairs.
  • A polyurethane coated vertical recovery bag which retains forensic evidence whilst protecting from cross-contamination
  • Designed for divers recovering an underwater body, whilst maintaining vital forensic evidence.
  • Telescopic cradle recovery pole that extends from 1.7m to 4.7m , used for guiding a body within the water to a recovery cradle, stretcher or other similar recovery device. 
  • The SB Forensic Recovery system is a complete solution to retrieving a body whilst retaining vital forensic evidence. MCA & SOLAS ACCEPTED.
  • Inflatable rescue jump cushions for fast response rescue of a casualty at height.
  • Heavy Duty Inflatable shelter for use by the Military & Armed Forces 
  • Inflatable weatherproof personnel shelter with 360 degree clear windows ​
  • The ICB Fast Path is a fast inflation rescue path thay enables the rescuer to reach and recover a casulaty over Water, Mud or Ice 
  • Fast Inflation Series: Fire & Rescue Emergency Shelter

    23 Jun 2023 The firefighting sector operates in high-stakes environments, facing immense challenges to safeguard lives and property across the globe. That's why we created the I.C. Brindle Fire & Rescue Shelter - to help optimize safety and operational efficiency for firefighting services - purpose-built for firefighters, this shelter offers a secure refuge during critical, life-saving missions. In this article, we will explore the exceptional features and benefits of our Inflatable Fire & Rescue Shelter, h
    ELEVATING FIREFIGHTING SAFETY: INTRODUCING OUR INFLATABLE FIRE & RESCUE SHELTER   The firefighting sector operates under extreme conditions, confronting formidable challenges to protect lives and prop ...
  • I.C. BRINDLE THERMAL PROTECTIVE AIDS (TPAS): RED ENSIGN APPROVED, COMPLIANT WITH NEW 2023 MCA SAFETY STANDARDS From 1 January 2023, marine equipment must be UK approved in order to be placed on board ...
  • MAN OVERBOARD! THE DANGERS OF MOB SITUATIONS Man Overboard (MOB) situations present a potentially life-threatening risk during various maritime activities, encompassing both commercial operations and ...
  • LIFEBUOY HOUSING: WHY IS IT ESSENTIAL? Lifebuoys and throwlines are undoubtedly among the most essential pieces of life-saving equipment when it comes to general marine safety. In the event of an emer ...
  • QUICK AND EASY SET UP FOR TIME-CRITICAL MILITARY OPERATIONS Armed Forces and Military Personnel require efficient and reliable Inflatable Shelter options that can withstand harsh environmental conditi ...
  • INTRODUCTION This content provides information about lifejackets, including their purpose and legal requirements. It also highlights different types of lifejackets and their buoyancy levels, as well a ...
  • "Realistic manikins provide an opportunity to create and learn from realistic scenarios, which is a game-changer for the EMS industry." - Journal of Emergency Dispatch (2019)   WHY USE REALISTIC TRAIN ...
  • UTILILISING FAST INFLATION SHELTERS DURING SEARCH & RESCUE Shelter and protecting yourself (alongside others) from the environment, and the elements around you — is a basic survival need. Along with f ...
  • FAST INFLATION SHELTERS: 'MUST HAVE' MEDICAL & FIRST AID EQUIPMENT? I.C. Brindle & Co. Ltd - Medical & First Aid Emergency Shelters: Our ICB Inflatable Emergency Shelters  and medical tents (provided ...
  •   "Man overboard recovery presents some difficult issues. The first problem is that of locating the casualty and the second that of recovering them"   Man Overboard (MOB)  Working on any vessel expose ...
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