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  • Fire Safety
  • PPE, Protective Clothing & Uniforms
  • Recovery

Interspiro has worked for nearly 100 years to keep professionals breathing in hazardous environments. Interspiro's equipment is used by firefighters and divers all over the world, and the company works in close partnership with fire and rescue services, defence, shipping and industry to meet and exceed their requirements. INTERSPIRO would like to welcome visitors to its stand – Stand E90 – for more information


Central Park
United Kingdom

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Contact Exhibitor

  • Incurve

    23 Apr 2021
  • Interspiro DPI System

    23 Apr 2021 Interspiro
    Nothing beats surface supply diving in regards to safety. But bulky hoses and complicated systems, makes it a hassle for both divers and attendants. To simplify things, we designed the world’s first h ...
  • Divator Facemask Advert

    23 Apr 2021 Interspiro
    Every day this mask stands up to the toughest diving conditions. Through decades of innovation and refinement, it has mastered the secrets of the sea. Users have saved both man and beast, seen dictato ...
  • Inspire Facemask Advert

    23 Apr 2021 Interspiro
    Ambient air is great for saving air supply, but connecting the breathing valve in a hurry carries unnecessary risks. To make sure your mask never fill up with smoke, we installed an air hatch that let ...
  • Spirocom Advert

    23 Apr 2021 Interspiro
    Meet our groundbreaking voice activated communication system for firefighters. Built to handle the toughest conditions while delivering perfect sound, it brings forth a new era of effortless collabora ...
  • Incurve Advert

    23 Apr 2021 Interspiro
    Long after leaving a fire scene, firefighters can be exposed to toxic and carcinogenic agents contaminating their personal protective equipment. To reduce this risk of longterm health problems, we dev ...
  • Divator Catalogue

    23 Apr 2021 Interspiro
    A tragic bus accident in Sweden after the second world war raised concern that divers could not be quickly deployed at the crash site. The Government asked Interspiro if they could provide a rapid dep ...
  • Product Catalogue

    23 Apr 2021 Interspiro
    Interspiro develops premium respiratory protection and equipment for diving, firefighting, emergency escape and rescue operations. We supply military, police, industries, shipping companies and rescue ...
  • Fire Fighting Catalogue

    23 Apr 2021 Interspiro
    Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Interspiro offers a wide selection of breathing apparatus and auxiliary equipment for work in hazardous environments. Discover why firefighters in over 50 cou ...
  • Spirocom Communications Brochure

    23 Apr 2021 Interspiro
    Everything began when the rescue services in Los Angeles wanted a radio system that made it possible for firemen to speak directly with each other in “full duplex”. The desire was also to be able to k ...
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