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Metrol Springs

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Metrol Springs is a manufacturer and distributor of gas springs and motion control components, shipping worldwide. With its expansive range of gas struts, access hardware, springs, Accuride slides, AVMs, thread inserts and actuators; Metrol Springs has the capability to supply quantities ranging from one to 100,000s. Collaborating with its customer across all industries to supply premium, quality components at competitive prices.


Metrol Springs Ltd
5 Clayfield Close
Moulton Park
United Kingdom

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  • Gas Struts

    03 May 2023
    From the initial design to concept, development, prototype, testing, and full production, we cover the entire lifespan of our gas strut products. We offer a wide range of gas struts and gas springs fo ...
  • Metrol specialises in the design and manufacturing of gas spring products. Our springs are designed to perform in the most demanding environments. This is achieved through our latest sealing technolog ...
  • We manufacture many of our springs using unalloyed spring and stainless spring steel. Unalloyed steel is often a cost-effective option when the spring application is in a non-weathering environment. S ...
  • Access Hardware

    03 May 2023
    At Metrol Motion Control, we have a high-quality range of locks, latches, hinges and handles available in various sizes and specifications. We have many years of experience in access hardware ironmong ...
  • Accuride drawer slides (or runners) are the leading telescopic slides used across many sectors, including industrial and electro mechanical markets. Here at Metrol, we have hundreds of drawer slides a ...
  • Anti-Vibration Mounts

    03 May 2023
    Anti-vibration mounts, also known as AV Mounts or AVMs, are key components in reducing noise and vibration in heavy machinery and equipment. AVMs are a low cost and effective component, with an array ...
  • Threaded Inserts

    03 May 2023
    Metrol’s key locking threaded inserts are an incredibly innovative product, which can be utilised for quickly repairing damaged threads with newer, stronger ones. Moreover, these inserts are easy to i ...
  • An electric linear actuator is a device that converts the rotational motion of an electric motor into linear motion, in the form of push and pull movements.
  • Metrol Springs

    03 May 2023 Metrol Springs Ltd
    Welcome to Metrol Springs
  • Introducing the latest addition to our latch family - the 1713 push-to-close latch. Specially crafted with “Dual Locking”, Ideal for caravans, recreational vehicles, and applications where the user wi ...
  • Now ready for release; our new compression latch with pop up T-handle is just one of Metrol’s latest product developments. It has been bench marked and exhaustively tested to make sure it outperforms ...
  • Metrol Stainless Steel Range - Overview

    03 May 2023 Metrol Springs Ltd
    An overview specifically catered to stainless steel applications such as Medical, Food & Beveradge and Marine.
  • Metrol Motion Control Rage Overview

    03 May 2023 Metrol Springs Ltd
    A brief overview of the ranges we offer to give an example of the products we supply.
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