Peter Jones (ILG) Ltd

Stand: K79
  • Tetra Support Equipment
  • Audio Communication Equipment
  • Mobile Phones & Equipment
  • Radios & Radio Equipment
  • Video Equipment
  • Equipment Cases
  • Paging Systems
  • Personal Safety Devices
  • Alcohol Detection Equipment
  • Body Worn Video Cameras
  • Prison Equipment
  • Protective Cases
  • Public Order
  • Badges, Buttons & Uniform Accessories
  • Belts
  • Holsters & Pouches
  • Handcuffs
  • NEW

Peter Jones (ILG) Limited is a leading UK manufacturer of innovative carrying solutions, combining quality, durable leather and plastic moulded components. Its customers include police forces, fire and ambulance services, prisons and search and rescue organisations. The company supplies carrying cases and mounting solutions for a wide range of devices, including two-way radios, smartphones, body-worn video cameras, batons, incapacitant sprays, handcuffs, torches and portable gas detectors. Most of its products can incorporate our KLICK FAST Mounting System, which offers secure, hands-free portability and 360° ratcheted rotation.


Lower Monk Street
United Kingdom


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  • Peter Jones (ILG) Rotating and Fixed-Position Incapacitant Spray Holders are made from robust nylon and high-quality leather materials. The NEW Non-Leather model also offers a leather-free option...
  • Peter Jones (ILG) offers a range of rotating and non-rotating baton holders for most brands of batons including Bonowi, ASP, Monadnock, Casco and Arnold.
  • The Peter Jones (ILG) Claw Holder provides rugged protection for the Samsung XCover FieldPro ESN device. It features a KLICK FAST Connector to enable the device to be carried hands-free on clothing an ...
  • The Magnetic Mount with KLICK FAST Dock is one of the most versatile of Peter Jones (ILG)'s range of KLICK FAST Docks and can be attached instantly to any piece of clothing and in any desired position ...
  • The KLICK FAST Castellation Connector has a low and discreet profile, designed to be attached directly to the back moulding of manufacturers’ body-worn video cameras and other devices. 
  • Harnesses with Integrated KLICK FAST Docks allow users to carry and use their devices hands-free, but without having to make permanent modifications to their clothing. 
  • Our KLICK FAST Sew-On Dock is sewn into clothes and body vests at garment manufacturing stage. Devices that are fitted with KLICK FAST Connectors or KLICK FAST-enabled carry cases/holders (e.g. two-wa ...
  • Smartphones can be mounted to uniforms using the KLICK FAST System. We offer a service of integrating a KLICK FAST Connector onto certain readily-available, off-the-shelf smartphone holders.
  • Peter Jones (ILG)'s KLICK FAST Mounting System is compatible with the G7 Gas Detector and Lone Worker Monitoring System from Blackline Safety..
  • Peter Jones (ILG)'s KLICK FAST Sew-on Dock allows portable and wearable devices to be mounted to garments to enable secure, hands-free carrying. 
  • Rotating Baton Holders for Bonowi Camlock Expandable Batons are made from robust nylon and high-quality leather...  
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