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Stand: Hall 4 / A51
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Stop ransomware! ThreatLocker® improves enterprise-level server and endpoint security with zero trust controls, including allowlisting, Ringfencing™, elevation, storage, network control, configuration management and operational alert solutions.



1950 Summit Park Dr
4th Floor
United States

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  • What is Network Access Control? ThreatLocker® NAC is an endpoint and server firewall that enables you to have total control over network traffic, which ultimately helps you to protect your devices. Us ...
  • Storage Control

    04 Jul 2023
    What is Storage Control? Storage Control provides policy-driven control over storage devices, whether the storage device is a local folder, a network share, or external storage such as a USB drive. Th ...
  • Elevation Control

    04 Jul 2023
    What is Elevation Control? Elevation Control enables users to run specific applications as a local administrator, even when they do not have local admin privileges. Elevation Control puts IT administr ...
  • Ringfencing

    04 Jul 2023
    What is Ringfencing™? Ringfencing™ controls what applications are able to do once they are running. By limiting what software can do, ThreatLocker® can reduce the likelihood of an exploit being succes ...
  • What is Allowlisting? Application Allowlisting denies all applications from running except those that are explicitly allowed. This means untrusted software, including ransomware and other malware, wil ...
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