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Vision Unique Equipment Ltd

Stand: Hall 5 / E165
  • The Emergency Services Show
  • Public Safety
  • Road Safety
  • Vehicle Equipment

VUE has provided video telematics and vehicle CCTV to fleets of all sizes from across the UK for the past 20 years. The company's industry-leading robust solutions have been fitted to a range of emergency services vehicles, acting as a deterrent for incidents, improving drivers’ visibility and performance, and defending crew members from false claims.


510 Metroplex
Salford Quays
United Kingdom

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Contact Exhibitor

  • VUEhub is an online platform where you can access all fleet management tools in one place. Using a single sign on, you can live track all of the vehicles in your fleet, store and view previously reque ...
  • Driver Distraction AI is an intelligent product that 'sees' the driver, helping to improve safety and reduce accidents by identifying distractions such as fatigue, smoking, and mobile phone use.  The ...
  • A non-intrusive CANbus interface enables remote access to detailed vehicle data via your video telematics device. The module reads data from a vehicle safely and translates the data into our VUEhub pl ...
  • Low Bridge Alerting System is an innovative solution that prevents bridge strikes and collisions with other road height restrictions, helping to keep vehicles on the road.  With LBAS, no driver input ...
  • Pedestrian AI intelligently detects pedestrians or cyclists surrounding the sides and rear of a vehicle, assisting crew members to drive safely in a fast-paced and high-pressured environment.  The sol ...
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