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Viz Reflectives is a UK based manufacturer of lit systems, which increase visibility in low and no light situations. Certified to meet global standards for firefighter clothing for structural, wildland, USAR Military and Hi-Visibility clothing, VizLite DT uses phosphorescent and reflective technology to improve the safety for firefighters and the emergency services. Join the safety revolution!


Vision House
4 Marshfield Bank
United Kingdom

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  • VizLite DT Pro Fire

    16 Aug 2022
    A combination of three technologies in one tape, VizLite DT Pro FIRE offers visibility in all light conditions.  A retro-reflective layer is visible in vehicle headlights, Fluorescent was daytime cons ...
  • VizLite DT Pro FR

    16 Aug 2022
    A combination of reflective and phosphorescent technologies that increase visibility, VizLite DT FR is suitable for application onto Structural, Airport, Wildland, CBRN, Defence and USAR Fire Suits an ...
  • VizLite DT FRA

    16 Aug 2022
    Now worn by over 100,000 Fire Fighter globally, VizLite DT FRA is a phosphorescent and reflective inherent fabric that can be used alongside Yellow Silver Yellow trim to offer increased visibility in ...
  • Signal Lucence PRO powered by VizLite DT

    21 Jul 2022 Mandy Hitchinson
    A demonstration of the new product Signal Lucence Pro powered by VizLite DT Phosphorescent technology. 
  • This video explains the science behind VizLite DT and the partnership between Viz Reflectives and Coats.
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