In response to the Government Police Uplift Programme to reduce crime and improve public safety, Future Policing is a dedicated area showcasing the latest technologies, equipment, and training for the policing sector. 

Combined with a high-level conference tackling the most challenging and critical topics facing the future of policing, it offers the ideal opportunity for visitors to gain direct insight into the skills, capabilities and products required to equip the police workforce.

Speak to our team to find out how Future Policing can help you generate leads and reach police procurement teams and those hard-to-reach decision-makers in need of your products and services.

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Future Policing Theatre at ESS 2021

Future Policing Theatre

Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, highlighting the pressure to modernise our current policing model and better equip our police force. Drawing together the knowledge and insights from our top-level Advisory council and industry contacts, we have curated a high-quality content programme to address the challenges and opportunities shaping the future of policing. Topics addressed include:

  • Digital Policing
  • Future proofing the police workforce
  • Unlocking the power of police data
  • Cyber crime and the law enforcement response
  • And much more…

Future Policing Advisory Council

Future Policing is supported by a dedicated Advisory Council that comes together to offer industry insights, updates, and advice to ensure the success of the event. Extending their expertise and standing in the industry, the council members provide a powerful forum to help you maximise your business opportunities in the policing sector.

The Advisory Council is chaired by Lord Bernard Hogan-Howe,
Former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service
, and supported by leading industry bodies, associations, Government agencies and partners.

Advisory Council Members include: