What is The SkyBound Rescuer Drone Seminar?

The SkyBound Rescuer Drone Seminar is a research-driven drone event for Emergency Services; enabling research and discussion that drives your drone development forwards. Do you fly or manage drones for an Emergency Service? Then you need to be there!
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Event information    

This 2-day event has a unique and exciting agenda, all held in the Drone Dome (as pictured below) in Hall 5, NEC.

Day 1: The Engagement Day | 18 September | Drone Dome, Hall 5, NEC

This aims to bring together the relevant drone thought-leaders in Emergency Services to shape the future of two key topics: Operational Management Systems and Drone Search Tactics. The Operational Management Systems topic will be run by our proud sponsors, Thales’ Soarizon team, who are aiming to optimise safety, team, and fleet management for public safety. The Drone Search Tactics topic will be facilitated by the Emergency Services Flight Operators team on behalf of the Police National Search Centre. They aim to conduct a literature review of all tactics being applied to drone searches to ultimately formulate a research group that looks to find the optimal drone search tactics for the UK and abroad. If you are invited to attend and contribute, you may subsequently have the opportunity to join said research group, to play a part in shaping the future of drone search performance.

Day 1: Networking Event | 18 September | Drone Dome, Hall 5, NEC

Day 1 culminates in a networking event to encourage drone development through meaningful discussion, the networking session will be first come first serve on the day – don’t’ miss out, we will start at 15:15, 18th September, held in the Drone Dome, Hall 5, NEC.

Day 2: The Seminar Day | 19 September | Drone Dome, Hall 5, NEC

This aims to induce innovative thinking from the audience after exploring the art of the possible, leaving with lessons that you can apply to your drone operations tomorrow. The seminar opens with a thought-provoking presentation by our internationally renowned keynote speaker, Charles Werner; a key pioneer for drones in public safety across the USA. Following the keynote will be 5 research-driven seminar talks, all speakers have been carefully selected based on their contribution to valuable research in the field of drones for public safety, both in the UK and internationally.


Express your interest in attending by completing the below contact form, we look forward to hearing from you!

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Please tick all that apply. Please note that the Workshops on Day One are limited to 25 places and all applications will be vetted in advance before places are confirmed. There are 150 places for the Seminar Day on Day Two.

Our Event Aim


New emerging drone technologies are seducing public safety organisations with the promise of reducing search times, improving situational awareness, enhancing team safety, reducing costs, or even the potential of delivering medical supplies ahead of rescue teams. Drones are saving lives faster, safer, and cheaper than ever before. But drones are still far from fulfilling their full potential, the best is yet to come.


Drones are changing emergency response. No Emergency Service around the world is immune from the torrent of disruption, from law enforcement through to voluntary search and rescue organisations, and more. The drone revolution is one that few can ignore. This event will help facilitate this revolution; bringing together the technology, the people, and the experts that will keep you ahead of the exciting changes developing throughout drone public safety operations. Ultimately, enabling research and discussion to drive your drone development.


As with the emergence of any new technology, gaps in research and understanding can cause mistakes through ill-informed decision-making. There is an industry-wide concern that much is being said and done without empirical evidence on best practice. In the expanding usage of drones by Emergency Services, it is imperative that a research-driven approach is taken to move forward effectively and efficiently. This event aims to bring the public safety sector together to share international research and learning to avoid repetition of mistakes, research, and misspent resources.