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Amanda Coleman

Amanda Coleman

Director, Amanda Coleman Communications
Amanda is a crisis communication specialist and the director and founder of crisis communication consultancy, Amanda Coleman Communication. Based in the UK, Amanda has more than 20 years' experience in emergency services communication and leading at a time of crisis. Amanda is the author of Crisis Communication Strategies, published in May 2020 by Kogan Page. Her second book, Everyday Communication Strategies, was published in November 2022. In 2017, Amanda led the law enforcement communication response to the Manchester Arena terrorist attack. Now, Amanda provides consultancy support to public and private sector organisations facing challenging times, as well as training individuals and teams to more effectively communicate in a crisis. Amanda Coleman Communication supports clients based in the UK and abroad in communication planning and preparation for crisis events, training staff, exercising crisis preparedness, and providing incident support. This has included developing a crisis communication strategy for a European-funded project, multinational businesses, and a range of public sector organisations. Crisis simulation and crisis communication exercises have been developed for clients in Europe, the UK and the USA, ranging from specialist simulation software, Conducttr, and tabletop exercises. Crisis communication and issues management training has been provided for a UK financial institution, publishers, universities, housing associations, logistics companies, local authorities, emergency services, and charities. Amanda began her working life as a journalist. She is a Chartered PR practitioner and a Fellow of both the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and the Public Relations and Communication Association. She is an advisor for the Resilience Advisors Network, a senior associate of the Centre for Crisis and Risk Communication and the Chair of the UK's Emergency Planning Society Communication Professional Working Group.