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Bethan Morgan

Bethan Morgan

Director of Civil Contingencies, Staffordshire LRF
Bethan Morgan is Director of Civil Contingencies working for Staffordshire Resilience Forum to support the partnership to prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies. She is an experienced civil contingencies and resilience professional with a demonstrated history of work in the public sector and complex multi-agency response. Skilled in crisis and risk management, emergency management, and strategic planning, Bethan has a wealth of experience in local, regional and national policy development across a range of disciplines which include local authority emergency planning, flooding, mass fatalities and she currently serves as the Vice Chair of the Resilience Direct National Assurance Group. Bethan is a strong professional with first-hand experience of tactical and strategic response to mass flooding, Covid-19, CBRN/HAZMAT, waste fire, evacuation, humanitarian response and recovery, which is backed up by a Master of Science (MSc) focused in Emergency Planning and Management from Coventry University.