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Daniel Watson

Daniel Watson

Associate Professor, Curriculum Lead on Disaster & Emergency Management, Coventry University
Daniel Watson is the Curriculum Lead for Disaster & Emergency Management at Coventry University. In this role, Daniel is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the curriculum area, including partnership building, and the overall management of the Disaster & Emergency Management Team. Daniel holds roles in a number of sector specific institutes. Daniel's particular areas of expertise centre on international disaster management ' from preparedness and mitigation to response and recovery. In professional practice, Daniel has worked throughout South and South-East Asia for international NGOs and as a consultant, in disaster preparedness and disaster response/early recovery. Daniel's research has included looking into the linkages between shared interest groups (such as running groups) and community resilience and the use of immersive virtual environments for teaching and learning, aimed at both students and disaster & emergency management practitioners. Daniel has a diverse academic background spanning Disaster Management, Civil Engineering, Social Anthropology and Educational practice.