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Eleanor Parker

Eleanor Parker

El Parker Consulting
With over 20 years' experience as an academic working with and for diverse socio-cultural community groups, VCS, private sector, uniformed responder agencies, local government, national government, multilateral organisations (UN), and funders/donors (DfID/FCDO, World Bank etc), Eleanor Parker is now director of her own successful consultancy developing people centred approaches, training programmes, policy and facilitating systems change for sustainable resilience. El places learning and improvement front and centre, creating frameworks which develop and assure the capabilities needed to prepare for, respond to and recover from dynamic and uncertain risks and emergencies faced by local people. She has expertise in societal risk and resilience, complex adaptive systems approaches to resilience in multi-agency/stakeholder contexts, participatory problem solving (PAR) methodologies, integrating risk and planning scenarios across capability programmes, and embedding competence and assurance.