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Mark Chappel

Mark Chappel

Managing Consultant, SRSRM Ltd
Mark Chapple is the recent past Chair of the London Branch of the Emergency Planning Society and the Managing Consultant of SRSRM. Mark is qualified and experienced in assessing and countering a number of risks including intrusive and violent protest, protecting critical infrastructure from low system resilience and sabotage, insider threats, terrorism and Level 1 Criminality. Published in October 2022, ISO22361 Crisis Management Guidelines mirrors much of the principles of UK Integrated Emergency Management Doctrine, (IEM). Mark has been professionally engaged in IEM for over 30 years with particular experience working on resilience assurance across the public-private sector interface. He has particular understanding in how greater collaboration between both sectors can improve Anticipation and Assessment activity, keeping communities safe and more prosperous, saving lives, reducing cost and risk. SRSRM provides resilience and security consultancy in manufacturing, software, health, civil nuclear, defence markets, and the edge of the financial services sector.