Nigel Blumire

Nigel Blumire

Training Product Manager, NCEC (National Chemical Emergency Centre)
Nigel is a consultant at NCEC and an expert at emergency response with several years of experience providing chemical advice to emergency services. He has extensive chemical knowledge from a decade in the pharmaceutical industry with several patents and one drug candidate getting to clinical trials. His laboratory experience has given him a good grounding in the use of chemicals at various scales. He is the secretary of the CTIF Hazardous Materials commission which meets twice a year to discuss incidents and best practice involving dangerous goods across the world. This has provided him with the opportunity to collaborate with European fire officers on lessons learnt and operational guidance. He also attends the annual meetings of the ICE network where discussions have involved emergency response best practice for hazardous material transport. He provides training courses covering COSHH, spill response and specialist first aid to several clients on behalf of NCEC. He also makes significant contributions to the NCEC emergency services, newsletters and other publications.