Hall 5 | NEC | Birmingham | 19-20 September 2018

Emergency Services Show

Water rescue demonstrations

New water rescue demonstrations for 2017


The future of waterborne SAR and flood rescue will be dynamically showcased in live water rescue demonstrations on the Pendigo Lake outside Hall 5 on both days of the show.

30-minute water rescue demonstrations will be taking place between 11:00 and 13:00 each day


Two ‘Rescue One Connector’ boats provided by Safequip Ltd will be used in the demonstrations along with support TR400 and Arancia inflatable rescue craft and assorted technical rescue equipment. UAVs, provided by Aerones and Skybound Rescuer, who are currently conducting research with the SLSGB SAR Academy, will provide an exciting new element to the demonstrations. A commentator will explain what techniques are being used and footage of the demonstrations will also be broadcast around the indoor exhibition halls. 

Spectators based on the shore of the lake will be able to watch UAVs searching for casualties (represented by training mannequins) in the water. Where possible a large drone will tow or deploy a life raft to stabilise the situation for the casualties before the arrival of the water rescue craft. The SLSGB team will then demonstrate a variety of water rescue tactics using the craft in different configurations which give much greater stability than a single craft. Examples include the H configuration which is used for search patterns in night conditions and during dive working, and the Side by Side which is used for electronic searching with side scan sonars or for “drag-netting” to recover expired victims or equipment.

Visitors will see the unique rescue/dive recovery platforms in action, and forming a boat bridge, which is a vital tactic when during floods hundreds may need rescuing. The demonstrations will conclude with the casualties being brought to relative safety and into an inflatable ‘Aireshelta’ for pre-hospital treatment. After the demonstrations visitors will be able to talk to participants and access further technical information.

“This is a fresh view of existing and new cutting-edge technology in combination, to show what is possible for the future of waterborne SAR and flood rescue. We are really looking forward to showcasing it for the first time live at The Emergency Services Show and sharing our expertise with visitors so that more lives can be saved,” says David Lane, Director of SLSGB SAR and Technical Rescue Academy, Poole, UK.

*Demonstrations may be subject to change in the event of inclement weather and to ensure CAA regulation compliance.



Pete Lewin will return to demonstrate water rescue with his Newfoundland dogs. Demonstrations will take place at the Pendigo Lake at 14:30 each day of the Show.

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