Emergency Services Show

West Midlands Fire Service First Aid & Trauma Challenge

wmfsThis year the West Midlands Fire Service will hold their annual First Aid & Trauma Challenge at The Emergency Services Show. Teams made up of 2 people will face a realistic First Aid/Trauma scenario.

Competing teams will have 10 minutes to assess, treat, package and handover the patient to a medical professional. The 2 highest performing teams will go forward to the National First Aid & Trauma Challenge where they will get the chance to qualify for the World Challenge.

All teams that enter a brigade challenge do so voluntarily, which means they give up their own time to compete, and also manage their time on and off duty to practice. Teams have to be dedicated to the process of entering a challenge, very often teams will go over and above the necessary training needed to compete; spending time observing on ambulance or hospital placements, entering other regional challenges to gain experience, researching best practices for patient care, and constantly practicing to improve their performance.

This dedication and commitment enables them to compete at the highest level in Brigade, National and World Trauma challenges.

This year will also see a new exciting aspect to the First Aid & Trauma Challenge, which will make the scenarios more realistic and interactive. The competing teams will face an extra dimension of realism as they experience visual and audio from an actual incident that has been set up and filmed specifically for the scenario in the Educational Immersive Tent.

As always, the project will be supported by the WMFS Casualty Simulation Team who provide casualties all year round for training events across the WMFS. The team work very hard to keep up to date with the latest techniques to provide realistic injuries. Their knowledge and understanding of First Aid & Trauma combined with their knowledge of excellent patient care gives the competing teams a full and complete realistic experience.

This is the first year that West Midlands Fire Service has held the First Aid & Trauma Challenge outside of a fire service venue.

Come along and watch the action on Stand EC15!

Medical kit samples kindly provided by   aero