• Water Search Dogs (Air Scenting)
  • Scent Specific Trailing Search Dogs (Scent Descriminating)
  • NSARDA Non-Descriminating Air Scenting Search Dogs
  • Footpedal controlled sanitiser dispensers  
  • Robust headsets for call, contact and customer services operations
  • A range of headset accessories including bottom cables
  • Home working technology kits
  • EPOS Expand 5 Capture for MTR rooms
  • EPOS range of wired and wireless headsets
  • Portable audio meeting solutions for small rooms
  • Microsoft Teams Meeting Room Systems
  • IP Telephone Handsets by Yealink and Poly
  • Emergency Phones/All Weather Phones
  • Poly Secure DECT Cordless Headset
  • Video Meeting Bar for Medium Sized Rooms
  • New Yealink Microsoft Teams Cordless Headset
  • Webcams for all budgets
  • HiHo Solutions 100p and 200p office headsets
  • Vidicode Apresa Call recording system
  • HiHi Solutions offers a range of USB accessories and convertors
  • Rescue-Sim is an interactive Road Traffic Collision (RTC) and vehicle extrication online training tool, focusing on the advancement of RTC training and development. With the ever-growing issues of obt ...
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