• Low profile antenna with up to 9 functions in 1 2x2 MiMo 5G/4G LTE 617-960 / 1710-6000MHz  GPS/GNSS with advanced filtering for LTE Band 13/14 (Optional) Up to 6x6 MiMo WiFi 2.4/5.0GHz (Optional) IK10 ...
  • Designed for 5G &  LTE Cat 18/20 routers and devices Low profile antenna with up to 11 functions in 1 4x4 MiMo 5G/4G LTE 617-960 / 1710-6000MHz  GPS/GNSS with advanced filtering for LTE Band 13/14 (Op ...
  • The GPS[X]D4[X]-6-60[-X] is an advanced 4G/5G, GPS/GNSS and WiFi antenna with a sharkfin style housing.
  • SALI - A Full Critical-Aid System  
  • Ultra Portable Turbine Ventilator  
  • An In-Hospital Ultra Portable Turbine Ventilator    
  • Ultra Portable Turbine Ventilator - Robust  
  • Lubo

    26 Jun 2022 Inovytec
    First-Responders Airway Management
  • Halo Connect 4G Bundle Saves data in the cloud. Saves hours on the ground.
  • Welcome to the next generation of Body Cam technology. Brought to you by Halo Technologies.
  • Temperature Node - Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Fleet ID work in partnership with manufacturers of the highest quality lighting solutions, offering total solutions for fleet managers in sectors such as emergency services or highway maintenance. By ...
  • For a vehicle livery with a difference, the team at Fleet ID can help. Whatever your message, your fleet livery can be the perfect place to promote it. Bespoke vehicle livery can be combined with any ...
  • Fleet ID LImited produce and fit consipcuity markings for all emergency service fleet vehicles. Manufactured from the industry leaders in retro-reflective and fluorescent materials, our fleet livery p ...
  • Brodit Holders for Samsung Tab Active 3
  • Brodit Holders for Apple iPad Pro 11
  • The mobile medical unit is ready for immediate use and includes the modules pharmacy, laboratory, x-ray, minor surgery and preliminary consultation /examination.
  • The mobile lab enables all standard laboratory tests and examinations anywhere in the world. Even in countries with limited infrastructure, the system allows testing with results available  within a m ...
  • The total package of size, accessory pockets, different colored module pockets, and integrated oxygen holder make the emergency backpack ResQ Pack a versatile companion with excellent value for money. ...
  • Our STAVANGER® ampoule systems inspire with their clear arrangement and organization of medications and other materials. The unique, self-developed retaining clips secure the sensitive glass ampoule ...
  • Those who find the V3000 too small might do better with the STAVANGER® V6000. This is be - cause its format makes it ideal for accommodating immobilization collars. To organize the additional material ...
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