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    The SC1 in Chemprotex™ 300 material is a single use Type 3, Type 4 & Type 5 splash contamination suit designed for use with breathing apparatus worn outside the suit or with a face mask and filter. 

  • Sherrill 8' Big Shot Rope Launch Pole (2 piece) - A SherrillTree original, the Big Shot makes quick work of getting a working line into position.

  • Sierra Wireless MG90 Router

    12 Jul 2019 Chris Ryan

    The AirLink® MG90 is a high performance LTE-Advanced Pro vehicle multi-networking platform, purpose built to provide secure, always-on connectivity for mission critical applications in public safety, transit and field services.

  • Sierra Wireless MP70 Router

    12 Jul 2019 Chris Ryan
  • SIMBODIES are a believable simulated patient training tool for medical educators and clinicians using manikin based education training.

  • Skylotec JACKPOD TRI 2

    05 Jul 2019 David Cannom

    The Jackpod Tri 2 is designed for use as a supporting structure for a personal fall arrest system for workers entering an opening in the work surface.

  • Skylotec Milan 2.0 Power

    05 Jul 2019 David Cannom

    The Skylotec Milan 2.0 Power is the special version of the MILAN 2.0 HUB specifically designed for use with the Rescue Device Driver (RDD) to give energy saving rope ascent.

  •   Our innovative 'Smoke Solution TM'. Designed to ...
  • SMW310

    12 Jul 2019 Louise Floyd

    The SMW-310 antenna can be used for Public Safety applications that combine UHF, WiFi and GPS.  Each of the 3-cables is connected to separate devices.

    It provides efficient coverage for Police, Fire, Ambulances and other Emergency Responders.

    This rugged mobile data communications antenna can be mounted to any vehicle.

    The antennas are available in either surface-mount or mag-mount models.


    Armadillo Merino®

    The Stamina Boot sock is an over the calf sock that combines softness and strength within a dense wool pile that will keep your feet cushioned against the soles of your boots. These are the best hot weather socks as the dense pile pulls the moisture away from your skin keeping your feet cool and dry. Wool has natural antibacterial properties that reduce the incidence of foot infections, which ensures you can stay on your feet for days.

  • Station Inspections

    20 Mar 2019 ask-4 Business Solutions Limited

    Health and Safety can raise Single / Multiple Station Inspections for across the region. 

  • Suggestion Solution

    20 Mar 2019 ask-4 Business Solutions Limited

    Employees can submit suggestions that could improve a working related aspect.

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