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  • Specialised waterproof smock for forces.

  • The excellent Avenger Jacket, now worn by the majority of UK Police forces. This coat will last for years and will keep the harshest of weather conditions out. The enduraing Avenger jacket passed thermal testing to a high standard.

    Also available in a Ladies style (B315W).

  • The Arktis coat. This jacket is worn by prison officers and dog handlers all over the UK. This coat is ideal for law enforcement and private use, utilising Police detailing and hunting requirement, it offers a highly casual look whilst maintaining pure functionality. (This coat is the Services version of the B511 hunting coat)


    Arktis Endurance Textiles Ltd

    Arktis' Hi-Vis coat has now been rolled out over several roads Policing and Police Collision teams within the UK. (This is the Hi-Vis version of the well known Arktis Police Coat - B512)


    Armadillo Merino®

    The Balaclava is soft and durable balaclava hat with a long drop front for additional face and neck protection from the cold and with flattened seams for increased comfort. Designed for use under a helmet, and when it it is just too cold for the Kojak beanie. Armadillo Merino Balaclava is easy care, machine washable and quick drying.

  • Beal Rope

    05 Jul 2019 David Cannom

    BEAL is a french company based in Vienne, Isère

    Founded in 1950 by Pierre and Janine BEAL, it became the largest climbing rope manufacturer in 1986. BEAL is manufacturing around 15 million meters of ropes per year and is still the world leader.

  • Bespoke Ambulance and Specialist Vehicles

    13 Feb 2019 Chris Manfield

    High quality, bespoke ambulance and specialist vehicles.

  • Blizzard Bags & Blankets

    11 Apr 2019 Simon Carter

    BLIZZARD BLANKETS & BAGS. The Go-to products for Hypothermia management.

  • Blue Ocean Megaphone

    14 Mar 2019 David Ellis

    The most powerful and reliable megaphone made today, bar none. Rugged, waterproof and durable, yet lightweight and easy to hold. Advanced sound engineering provides extreme range AND crystal clear sound reproduction.


    Armadillo Merino®

    The Bobcat T-Shirt provides extra neck protection with its high mock collar as well as offering a well styled T-shirt. Designed to be worn as a baselayer it is comfortable under body armour and also looks great as a mock neck tee.

  • The Bosch carbide hole saw is the first in its range to cut up to 60mm deep, in all materials – lasting up to 20 x Longer.

  • Bosch carbide sabre saw blades the longest lifetime (20 x Longer) even in the toughest materials.


  • The Bosch Professional Blue Power Tools are engineered for excellence – meeting the highest standards in Speed, Precision and Robustness to provide great work results.

  • These economical CPR manikins are constructed of soft, realistic vinyl plastic over polyurethane foam.

  • The Bristol Particulate Protection Hood is proven to be 99.8% efficient at filtering harmful smoke particles. Worn under the helmet and collar, it covers the neck and jawline - areas of the body that are known to be particularly vulnerable to smoke contamination.

  • Building Defects

    20 Mar 2019 ask-4 Business Solutions Limited

    Building specific defects can be reported and improvements can be suggested. 

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